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The Fuel Question

On Exhibit Through April 30, 2022

The history of clean fuel is not new to Marion. Peat, the fuel of last resort, is used to trace the history of a fuel crises c.a.1850-1902 in the U.S. Fuel, especially out on the prairie, is a matter of life and death. When the wood ran out and coal trains weren’t stopping in Marion, panic was unleashed. The area turned to a local, non-fossil fuel source of energy: peat. The peat beds are located near what is now Waldo’s Rock Park.

While the era of peat fuel is long over, today peatlands offer one of the most cost-effective means of carbon sequestration. Peatland restoration represents an important vehicle to protect rare and endangered species.

In light of the damage fossil fuels have already done, and continue to do to the environment, we find ourselves again seeking a source of clean fuel. Nextera Energy Resources is the world’s largest clean energy producer. The exhibit includes a computer interactiveMicrogrid Trainermodeling the future of energy generation.

This exhibit was done in collaboration with NextEra Energy Resources.