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Marion Heritage Center Gift Shop

Stop by to learn more about our reference materials and gift items. Purchases may be made by cash or check at the Heritage Center or call 319-447-6376 to order by phone. (Additional shipping charges apply.)



“Marion One of A Kind” DVD or VHS – $15.00

“Well-Schooled, Marion Memories” – $25.00



Jerry Lee’s Marion Prints
Set of 4 – $25.00
Single Print – $7.50

Post Cards – 50¢ each

Heritage Center / Granger House Note Cards
Set of 6 – $6.00



A Coach’s Life – Les Hipple and the Marion Indians – $17.00
by Dan Kellams

The History of Marion, Iowa 1838-1927  – $50.00
(The yellow book)
From the journals of Marvin Oxley edited by students of Marion High School, 1995.

The History of Marion, Iowa, A 20th Century Journey from Past to Present – $10.00
(The red book)
by Marion Independent School District, 1998.

Mistaken for a King$14.00
by Dan Kellams

A Prairie Almanac 1839 to 1919 – $10.00
The eyewitness story about everyday life of pioneers as told by Isaac N. Kramer
by Jean Strong

Marion Library: Doorway to the Future, Picture Window on the Past – $15.00
by Jean Strong

Justin Morgan Had A Horse – $5.99
by Marguerite Henry

Left for Dixie: The Civil War Diary of John Rath – $24.00
by Kenneth Lyftogt

Lewis Bottoms Its Legacy And Lore – $14.00

War Department Files (Civil War) – $5.00
Statements made by the alleged Lincoln Conspirators under examination 1865

We Are What We Were When – $8.00
by William C. Jacobson, Ph.D


City of Marion/Historical Preservation Commission history books:

Around the Park, Marion Merchants: Then & Now – $27.00
by Judith Yarger Hull

19th Century Brick Houses of Marion, Iowa – $22.00
by Judith Yarger Hull

Pucker Street – $15.00
by Judith Yarger Hull

Roads, Railroads And Trolleys Cars of Marion – $15.00
by Judith Yarger Hull

Terrace Park – $15.00
by Judith Yarger Hull

Territorial Road – $15.00
by Judith Yarger Hull



Uptown Marion Cloth Shopping Bag – $5.00

Christmas Ornaments, Pre-2008 – $7.50

Granger House Magnet – $1.00

Granger House Cross Stitch – $14.00

Granger House Sweatshirt – $25.00

Railroad Cap – $10.00

Marion Pins – $3.00


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